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HELP: Text wrap no longer works



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@DaveFriedman if you are referring to text wrapping within a note it seems to worl for me. :) I'm using the same version you are.

If you copied and pasted the text from a web page it is possible that the styles applied to the container the text is in prevents the wrapping. Copy the text to the Text Editor, change the Text Editor to Format | Make Plain Text and then copy the result back into the note. See if that works.


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I am having the same issue as Dave, and I tried David's above suggestion. It did not work for me. The text still does not wrap properly. Specifically, the issue I'm having with text wrap is that if a word extends beyond the end of the page it breaks the word apart and wraps whichever letters of that word that extend past the end of the page down onto the next line.

Example: Let's say this is the end of the pag

e. It wraps words as such, which

is very annoying.

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I have Evernote Mac Version 5.0.0 (400524) and it is not wrapping text properly inside the note. Does not matter whether it is HTML or text. There is no border on the right side of the note and as I widen the note margin, it wraps but truncates words. Any suggestions

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