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(Archived) TIP: AppleScript for note with encrypted text



I'm working on a way to automatically encrypt sensitive data (social security #'s, credit card #'s, account #'s, etc.) using AppleScript. I've tried to create notes with the en-crypt elements with no success. Has anyone tried this and got it to work? Does Evernote have a policy of preventing this work working from AppleScript?

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.


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I was able to successfully create a note with the en-crypt tags; however, I'm still trying to track down the logic Evernote uses to perform he encryption. I have the decryption side in Javascript and I'm currently using AppleScript to find the notes with sensitive data and substituting the en-crypt tags. As soon as I get the encryption logic taken care of I'll post the solution.

Below is a sample of what I have and it works great (the text encrypted is "sensitive data", the password is "test"). The code below will add a new note with encrypted text to the notebook of your choice IMPORT_NOTEBOOK and tag it with "Sensitive":

set theText to "<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"UTF-8\"?>" & return
set theText to theText & "<note><title>Sample Note</title><tag>Sensitive</tag><content><![CDATA[<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"UTF-8\" standalone=\"no\"?>" & return
set theText to theText & "<!DOCTYPE en-note SYSTEM \"http://xml.evernote.com/pub/enml2.dtd\">" & return
set theText to theText & "<en-note style=\"word-wrap: break-word; -webkit-nbsp-mode: space; -webkit-line-break: after-white-space;\">" & return
set theText to theText & "Here is the <en-crypt cipher=\"RC2\" length=\"64\">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</en-crypt> end" & return
set theText to theText & "</en-note>"
set theText to theText & "]]></content></note>"

set theFilePath to (path to desktop as string) & "david33409.enex" as string
set theFileReference to open for access theFilePath with write permission
write theText to theFileReference
close access theFileReference
tell application "Evernote"
create note from file theFilePath notebook IMPORT_NOTEBOOK tags
end tell

-- Delete the file
tell application "Finder"
delete file theFilePath
end tell

-- Check for errors
on error errStr number errorNumber
display dialog "An error occurred:" & return & "[" & errorNumber & "]" & errStr
end try

With the above code working I am able to scan my notes and substitute sensitive tokens. I'll post more later.


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