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(Archived) BUG [Chrome]: Related Notes tooltip-bubble keeps appearing


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After I clip a page using the Clipper, it shows a black "Clipped title" box, which gives me the option to either view or edit my new note, and displays a Related Notes section below. It also displays a bubble pointing to the Related Notes tab, explaining what it is ("Related Notes: Evernote finds up to three notes in your account that are related to the page you just clipped and presents them here."). This bubble has a close button at the top right; when I point to the close button, I get a regular tooltip that says "Don't show this notification again". Therefore, I expected that if I clicked this close button, the bubble wouldn't reappear the next time I clipped something. However, it appears every time. It does close when I click the close button (or anywhere else on the bubble).

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Hi notexactly,

Thanks for the feedback. The intended behavior is that it should only show once no matter where you click to dismiss it. So this sounds like we have a bug that we'll look into fixing as soon as possible.

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