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(Archived) HELP: Problem with bullets



I'm running EN 3.1.2 under OS X 10.7.4. Recently I've noticed a change in how Evernote handles a bulleted list which is rather awkward. If have a bulleted list that is two levels deep and have created a list item at the second level, if I wanted the next item to be on the first level, I used to be able to hit "Return" and then "Shift" + "Tab" and EN would create a new bulleted list item on that first level.

Now, though, when I try to do this, hitting Return once creates a new bulleted list item at the same level but then hitting "Shift + Tab" just outdents without creating a bullet. I've found that I now have to hit "Shift" + "Command" three times to create a new bulleted list item at the first level. Was this an intentional change? It's rather awkward. Doing just "Shift + Tab" was a lot easier and more intuitive.


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