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(Archived) HELP: Is there a new autocompletion feature?



I just upgraded to OS X 10.7 yesterday and am currently using EN 3.1.2. Since the upgrade, I've noticed that when I'm typing in a note, occasionally a word or a list of words with a small "x" at the end will pop-up. I've not seen this feature before. Is this some type of new auto-completion feature? If so, can I select the word that pops up from the keyboard (good) or do I need to click on it with my mouse (bad)? For what it's worth, it seems to pop up just slowly enough that I've already typed past it by the time I see it so I'm not sure how useful it will be.

By the way, I didn't see it mentioned in the Mac User Guide or in the Knowledge Base which is why I'm asking here.


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