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This ar some suggestions that arose from daily use. If anyone has more and whant me to put them on the list, just reply this thread.

Evernote in general:

  1. Ability to place a link to another note. For example you have one note that is a list and some items are explained as other notes

Windows program:

  1. Ability to show notes as a post it on the desktop (gadget maybe?)

Android app:

  1. Ability to create a widget that is a note (not a link, not the current widget that shows several; I mean a SINGLE note as a widget)

iOS app (don't have iOS device so this will be empty 'till somebody drop a note):

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1. Is taken care of, they're called note links. In the Mac or Windows client you right click on a note snippet, card, or list you'll see an option to Copy Note Link

The Windows suggestion is duly noted :)

You might want to post the android suggestion directly into the android forum

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Hi Please can you simplify the copy and paste feature.  Couple of issues I've identified.


  • Copying text out of an Evernote to paste into an email in Outlook it changes the font size, it's Tahoma 10pt in EN and went to Tahoma 13.5pt in outlook.
  • Copying text from a table in Outlook email into a table in EN and it inserts selected text into a new cell inside a cell in EN.  If select edit paste as text in EN then it removes the text colour so it needs re selecting and then colour resetting in EN.


Copy and paste between apps therefore seems a bit cumbersome in my opinion.

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