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[Bug Report] Hot Key Overrides International Keyboard


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In the Windows version of Evernote there seems to be a hotkey problem. Currently my New Note hotkey is set to CTRL-ALT-N. However if I have Evernote open when I press ALT-N in any other app (on international keyboards, this is the key to get the ñ character) it does not print the ñ but instead opens a new Evernote note. It seems that Evernote is opening a new note regardless of the absence of the CTRL key.

Not sure if this is just an OS issue or if it is in the way that Evernote has registered the key listener in Windows.

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You can change the hotkey for opening a new note to your liking:

Tools >> Options >> Hot keys >> new note

Perhaps you just read the title and didn't read my post. The problem is that I DID change my hotkey to CTRL-ALT-N but Evernote is still capturing ALT-N as well.

Actually, now that I think of it I wish I could change the title to this post. It really has nothing to do with the international keyboard, and everything to do with a bug in Everynote's hotkey capture system.

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I have the same problem and it really gets on my nerves. Please fix this bug ASAP!


Interesting that it has never been fixed since 2012... If it is not a bug then at least allow to modify this shortcut as for now I cannot type proper polish while using evernote and get very annoyed by this.

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Ok. The problem here is that "right alt" used for diacritics is really emmiting ctrl+alt. This is a legacy behaviour going back all the weay to Windows 95. Evernote developers do not know that aparently and decided to assign ctrl+alt+n to one of more popular diacritics. But honestly they are not the only ones. Google Docs has same problem, and many many others do.


Just change the key bindings, or go back in time and kick anyone who thought it's a grand idea to make "alt gr" emit "ctrl+alt"


For reference: http://www.wikiwand.com/en/AltGr_key

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