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(Archived) QUESTION: No "Tags" column in Mac client? [IMPLEMENTED]



I use both a PC at work and Macs at home.

I started using Evernote for GTD vis a vis "The Secret Weapon" (www.thesecretweapon.org) and it's important that in the List view, one of the columns that one can sort by is by Tags (so that in the List View you can see all the tags associated with a note, without having to click on the note).

While the Tags header column is available in Evernote for Windows, it is not available in Evernote for Mac, only Title, Date Created, Date Updated, Sync, Author, etc.

Any idea why or when it might be updated for Evernote for Mac? This is a huge function for me!



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Hi Theresa. Welcome to the forums!

We do not currently have the ability to sort by tags in the Mac version, and Evernote does not tell us about their road map, so we do not know if they plan to offer the option in the future. However, they are trying for feature parity across clients, and users here have asked for more sort options, so it is certainly possible. I suppose the most obvious workaround is bootcamp and using the Windows version on your Mac.

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Thanks for responding GrumpyMonkey.

This is a surprise and disappointment because even in the Evernote for Web version you can see the tags in the columns...

Hi Theresa. If you'd be willing to share your organizational system with us (how are you using TSW?) I bet users here could suggest solutions for the Mac environment :)

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