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Second Fitness Challenge

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I am sure many of you know that Chad just started a new Evernote fitness challenge for us. I didn't see a thread on this (did I miss it?), so I thought I would spread the word. Read more at the Evernote blog here:


I've got an Evernote template from the last challenge that you can modify for the this one:


This time, I am taking photographs of me each day (before/during/after) and writing everything in a health log each day to keep track of it all. How are you using Evernote in the challenge?

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I lost 45 pounds in the last year... i have been stuck, not really trying to lose more, but looking to lose another 10.. this could be the motivation i need to get back in it. How about starting, this could be it, a thread we use for support and trash talking!

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congratulations on losing the weight! I am about 8 over my goal, but more than that, I am hoping to build up more healthy habits.

I chose challenge #1. I am adding fifteen minutes more of outside time. This means that I will take the dog on a longer route for walks, and take an alternate, longer route foe my bike commute.

As for the second challenge, I like to have fruits and soy yogurt for breakfast (pineapples, strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries). I haven't come up with a better alternative (I'm a vegetarian, so I get plenty of veggies during the day), so I will probably not be doing it. I will try to reduce the carbs, though.

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And Chad how about anyone who loses x amount gets hooked up with one of those fancy dancy water bottles!

I would settle for a place on Chad's "wall" of fame. There is one, right?

Wow, I got caught up with all the stuff going on in the Facebook page that I forgot about this thread. Sorry guys!

deanouellette, If you participate in the Twitter party at the end of the challenge, you might have a chance to win one of the bottles!

GrumpyMonkey, I don't currently have a wall of fame, but I think that's a great idea! I'll get on that :)

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