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(Archived) Relative priority of bullet and number indenting


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I know you don't comment on time estimates for releasing new features. However, I would be interested in knowing the relative priority of bullet and number indenting in Evernote Android. If it's a feature that's planned to land sometime in the next little while I'll create notes in Evernote Desktop that have bullets with indents. However, if it's not on the horizon, I'll just stick with plain text, indented bullets are a bit tricky to deal with at the moment.


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My gosh, this is fantastic news, amazing!!!! :):D:) I've been waiting for this for a while, this is going to open up a whole new world of planning on my phone and tablet. Thank you!!

Mind you, the ability to edit bullets with indenting natively for existing notes is a pretty important feature, but hopefully that'll get added soon.

If anyone from Evernote wanted to chime and and say if it was in the works at some point that would make a very happy customer!

Beta version, here I come!

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Happy to hear that.

Editing indented lists should be available shortly in beta indeed.

A moment in history.. not quite a Due Date, but at least a Coming Shortly! :D

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