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(Archived) REQUEST: PDF download folder

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This one is going to need a little explaining.

We got into a discussion in another thread on ways to get evenotes files onto Dropbox and why it's needed... Here is an example why it would be needed...

Lets say i have an assistans and she needs to upload a pdf contract into a program we need to use online

she goes to the shared notebook, downloads it to her computer and goes to the 3rd party program then uploads.

In a scenario where a copy of the contract is in Dropbox she goes straight to the 3rd party program and just uploads it from dropbox, saves a step. And when you need to do that step 30 times a week it adds up

This is a very real situation I face daily

There are third party apps but what if notes and/or PDFs were kept in an easy to access folder, when I put a new PDF into Evernote it saved a copy of the PDF into this Evernote folder. Now we eliminate the need to use dropbox too


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You're looking for a file saved in Evernote to open in a third party application? If it's a file-type that's associated with a specific app - like PDF files are with Adobe, that should happen automatically if you double-click the file in the Evernote note. If that doesn't happen automatically you should be able to set the default for PDF files to the application you're using on your assistant's system so when she double clicks that file type..

I'm assuming it's more complicated than that though - can you be more specific about what software the PDF file is being uploaded into / accessed by ??

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Congrats on 1000 posts!

Yes in real estate I have two different systems where I need to upload my contracts to or i need to upload other pdf forms from the file. They are websites I go to then chose file to upload. So I go into the program Equator, click upload file, select the pdf in dropbox then it uploads.

If I have my assistant do it then from evernote she would have to go to the shared notebook first, then download the pdf, then go to Equator and upload the file.

Now if there was a way when I put a PDF into Evernote it saved it into a folder somewhere, and when it syns it saves it too then when she went into equator she could just go to the Evernote created folder instead of me having to put all pdfs in both places.

It may not be possible, and it may be something that not enough people use to make it worth doing for Evernote.. but it would make me super happy!

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:) Thanks - like the 'flu I just keep coming back..

I can think of a couple of non-Evernote fixes, which are a bit long-winded but may do the job.. in order of learning curve they are:

'Belvedere' which was designed by LifeHacker to move stuff around on your computer automatically. I would imagine you could (forinstance) set up a new folder on your PC, have Belvedere monitor that folder, and copy anything you place in there to your Dropbox folder, then move it to your Import folder.

AutoHotKey, which is Belvedere on 'roids - you can play back mouse clicks and keyboard action to do anything.

There's no way however (that I know of) that you can have your Evernote original continually update a Dropbox copy - without getting into EN's API and sourcing your own add-in app.

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