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(Archived) HELP: Status "Will not be synced"




I just got started using Evernote and ran into this problem.

I set up a few notes on the Mac version and then downloaded the iPhone app and saw the notes appear in there. So far so good. Then I made some edits on the Mac version and it didn't get synced to the phone. Waited some time, restarted the app, tried manual sync, nothing. Finally after some poking around I found that on each note when i click the "i" icon, I get a bunch of info about the note, and the one the fields is "Sync Status". And this is set to "will not be synced". I couldn't find any way to edit this. At some point I added a new note on the mobile and the subsequent sync deleted all my original notes! I went on the web version and restored them all, but the sync status is still set to the same value so it's quite useless.

This is mystifying, frustrating and I'm ready to give up on Evernote already. I've heard such great things about Evernote I can't believe this is happening and I keep thinking I must be missing something. Any insight will be appreciated.

I just everything up a couple of days ago so I'm pretty sure I have the latest versions of all the apps.

Thanks in advance,


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