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(Archived) Evernote 3.2.0 Beta 2 Release



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Hi Mac people,

We just released a new beta! It fixes a lot of problems folks have been experiencing including the keychain bug. Here are the release notes:

- Fixes keychain bugs

- Adds retina display support

- Sandboxing support fixes

- Automatic notebook syncing makes subscribing one step easier

- Activity stream bugs fixed

- Search highlight bugs fixed

If you've opted into the Betas, you can go to Help >> Check for Updates

If you're not auto-updating, make sure to drag the current Evernote app from the Applications folder to the trash, then you can download the latest version here:



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Just FYI, Jack here is taking over the reigns here in the land of Mac. I'll be around but Jack's the new sheriff in town :ph34r:

Welcome Jack. That is one hell-of-a head-dress that you wear: ;)


Do you hail from the frozen north?

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Hi. I'll play around with it, but I understood it to mean that it will not quit if there are un-synced items. It is pretty rare that I hit the exit button at the exact same time Evernote is syncing. Now, I have my account set to manually sync (conserving battery on the MBA), and so I pretty much always have a warning message. I did uncheck that box in preferences and still got a warning.

"Some changes you've made haven't been synced to Evernote. Would you like to sync before quitting? If you quit now, your changes will still be saved and you'll be able to sync later."

I don't remember a "sync on exit" box, but that might be because my first couple of years with Evernote were spent mostly on Windows machines. At any rate, it isn't there now, and you are warned about un-synced items before quitting.

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Yes, I know that under Preferences-->Sync there's the option to "Warn me if I quit while syncing," but this setting seems to apply only if a sync event is actually occurring. The wording does not suggest what you're stating, but maybe I'm wrong and Evernote needs to clear up the wording.

I seemed to remember a setting for just what "sync on exit" means. Sync on exit--which acts a safeguard against unsynced notes which can lead to duplicates and other incoveniences when I move from device to device.

Has "sync on exit" been removed permanently as a feature?

I am not sure what this means, but if you are referring to the error message you get when you try to exit with un-synced notes, then it is still there.

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You may just be running two copies of Evernote. Did you completely remove any app store versions or old versions prior to installing the beta?

Ugh. Scratch that. I don't think I had two accounts running (the Library files looked fine, and clicking on the icon just brought up a question mark, so it didn't seem connected to anything). I have tried to move this icon to the trash many times without success, but it worked today! So, now I have one icon. I don't know what was going on there, but let's chalk it up to user error :)

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We just released a new beta! It fixes a lot of problems folks have been experiencing including the keychain bug. Here are the release notes:

- Build served from git, not svn

What does this mean?

I believe it means that Evernote is changing from Subversion's centralized control system to Git's distributed version control system. I am not exactly sure how this will effect us as end users, though. We may not see anything, but the developers will.

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