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(Archived) Editing bug still present


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No data loss, it's mostly an irritant. A note that had many revisions on my desktop will show up fine on the Droids until I edit, then an older version of the note appears for editing.

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I have seen the same thing multiple times on my most commonly updated notes.

I had to copy the note on the desktop or web app, then create a new note, to be able to see the current content to edit it.

This is VERY annoying when I am not at home/work, but travelling for a weekend with no access other than my phone.

Are there any solutions or other suggestions?

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Has anyone faced this bug? anyway to overcome? Have this bug fixed?

I am little confuse on why no one respond to this. Is this not so important to everyone?

While we may not respond to every topic, you can rest assured that every topic is read by employees. :)

I have personally never had this bug occur and without proper steps to reproduce the issue, it's hard to really address or even report the bug. If you're still having issues, submitting a support ticket would be your best bet.

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