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Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300 vs. Canon P-215


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Hey everyone,

I read a lot about the S1300 and EN on this forum, but nothing about the P-215. I was wondering if anyone compared the two head-to-head, preferably on a Mac. I read that the P-215 is faster, but how is the quality in comparison to the S1300? I also want to know about auto de-skewing and orientation.

Or is the S1300 just the best? ;)


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So no one has compared these two I guess? :)

I've used neither. I am still with a ScanSnap S300. Adobe (comes with ScanSnap) de-skews / correctly orients pages when doing OCR. Other than that, about all I can say is I have had great luck with ScanSnap -- I used it in my office before I bought my own, it is still running as good as new years later, and it was really the key to going paperless for me. Everyone I know in the US and Japan has a ScanSnap of some version. It could be preference (Fujitsu is a Japanese company, and most of my colleagues are in Japan), or maybe just inertia (everyone buys what they know already).

I didn't even know about the P-215 until fairly recently. I think you'll be happy with either one. From what I hear, the main benefit to the P-215 is that you can scan and OCR much more quickly. I use Adobe Acrobat Pro to do my OCR separately from the ScanSnap recently, so this hasn't been an issue for me personally.

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