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(Archived) Alarms with evernote


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Evernote doesn't have any native time or date alarms, although it may have plans to develop something in the future. If you need this facility you'll have to try external apps. Meshin Recall is my app of choice, but there are others...

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Good day,

We tested and used note taking app on Android phones (nexus one, nexus s & galaxy nexus) since 2008 and ONLY 2 apps that stayed on all our phones - CATCH & EVERNOTE...

The main advantage of EVERNOTE vs the competitors is it compatible with all OS for tablets and smartphones BUT simplicity and easiness to use, we are giving the award to CATCH...

Even a milddle schooler and our high school daughter tried both but loves so much CATCH because it much easy in the eyes to useand its much complete.

We love so much the Reminder Note and the features that are more easier to find and its stable.

Were hoping that evernote get some ideas from CATCH in simplicity, easiness and completeness of their service...

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Until Evernote has its own alarm feature, and if you dont' mind 3rd party service, I am currently using Zapier, lowest plan is currently free.  You man google for it, but in short, it will scan your Evernote every 15 mintues and automatically post on to Google calendar, in which will alarm on phone.  In my case, I set up * (asterisk) as a filter, and when I put note title as "See doctor * May 15th 5pm", Zapier will find it, and copy on to your Google calendar, in which will notify on android phone.  Nothing else has to do on your end, just add a note with * and that's it.  As a part of their refer-a-freind bonus, if you signup via this link.  http://zpr.io/wPS  You and me will get extra 100 free notifications per month.

Hope this helps.

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It appears that Evernote has added reminders with their new beta release. These are great but there is no sound or vibration associated with them. Until that's added, I use followupthen.com. You register with the email address that you registered with for Evernote - not the one that Evernote assigns us. Now when I'm in evernote, I just email the note, photo, checklist or whatever else to followupthen using the date and time format they give and I get an email when the reminder is due. You can set it for any date and time you choose and you can go deep into the future with it. There's lots of combinations for reminders including recurring reminders. I even have a filter setup so the email comes through my email account and also gets forwarded automatically to my evernote account. It's pretty slick and can be used with lots of apps. Oh, and it's free.

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I may be cracking up - I thought I replied to @Pumin earlier (thanks for the Zapier tip - just  trying to set up the Zap) but that post seems to be missing somewhere.  Anyway - @crispeto - that's a beta release,  so I think there might be more a few more features when it hits the streets,  or at least the new stuff will follow on fairly quickly.  Meantime there are a couple of services like followupthen that will help us out...

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