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Can we see stats on public notebooks?

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Hi David,

Currently, this is not something that is available.

It is something that has been asked for before though, and something that I would like to see :)

I often wonder how many people read/join my notebook, or find it useful, would be nice to know.

I'm sure we aren't the only ones that would like this either ;)


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It would be nice to know at least how many people have joined, but the number of visitors would be nice too.

Something that may be in the near future?

From metrodons mac release notes:

Version 3.2.0 Beta 1 (06/08/2012) build 257609

Notification when somebody joins a notebook you have shared

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There's no way (currently) to do this within Evernote, but there are ways to get some sort of feel for the number of visitors - you just need to link to something external that will do a count for you.

  • You could link to a blogging site for your daily thoughts (problem: keeping up with the daily thoughts) - even the free blogging sites do well with stats of various sorts. And blogging helps your SEO.
  • Offer a newsletter - you get to collect email addresses.
  • Run a competition - start small and work up if you get lots of hits.
  • Sleep with the enemy - I understand some of the social network sites will take care of a "login process" for you - hence the "login via" option you see on some sites. Have never looked at this, but you never know...

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Occasionally I will I use Google's URL shortener to track activity on an Evernote shared link.


For example, here are some stats from an Evernote posting I did on another forum back in December.

A quick flash in the pan, showing unique URLs, time frame, browser usage, locations


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