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(Archived) Clipper does not remember last selected notebook


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I'm curious why the clipper does not remember the last notebook I selected when clipping? Generally when I am on a research project, I want to record clips to the same notebook. It would be great if the clipper would remember the last selected notebook. Maybe even remember the same tags.




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I see it. I had it configured to go to my desktop client, so there was no option to remember anything. If I change it to go to the web client, I get the option to remember the notebook. It would be great to enable these options to the desktop client as well.


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Firefox, eh? That makes this chrome enthusiast just a little bit sad. :P

Go into the options, select send clips to "Evernote Web". This opens up a slew of new options. You should see one that says "Destination notebook for clips". Choose remember.

EDIT: Glad you figured it out seconds before I could help.

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Thanks for this thread. Smart Filing has been bugging me for a while. It takes an extra second or two, and seldom guesses the folder I want.

I had a webchat with support a couple of weeks ago asking about this option. They said it was not currently possible, and that they would forward a feature request to development. Cancel that request!

Reading everything in this thread, I had a lot of trouble finding the Options. I kept trying to "go into the options", but didn't know how. I tried finding Options before contacting support too. I was always looking in the dialog that comes up after clicking the Web Clipper. Reading this thread, i realized I must be missing something. I finally tried right clicking on the Web Clipper icon, and found Options there. success!

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