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(Archived) // Double slash creates hyperlink


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When I am typing up a note and type '//' I get the default blue underline hyperlink style. How do I get rid of this default? It's really annoying because I use it to comment code when typing notes for my CS classes. I could not find any search results on how to fix this. If anyone knows how to fix this, I'd greatly appreciate it :)

Also, does anyone have issues with the Increase/decrease font size shortcuts? Maybe it's just my laptop overrides those shortcuts..

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Hi aimango, welcome to the forum :)

It seems Evernote sees // as a precursor to a link. I find that if I include a space after the double slash, then the link is not created.

So, while //test would create a link, // test would not.

I would suggest, at least for now, that you try and include a space after the double slash.

The increase/decrease font size shortcuts don't currently work, and is apparently noted as a bug here:


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Haha... I thought this was a feature. I've been using it in my notes to easily create section headers like:



* do

* some

* stuff



* do

* other

* stuff


I found this post because I thought maybe there was some secret "markdown" syntax I could use quicker in my notes than having to format items.

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