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(Archived) QUESTION: Can notes be stuck to the top of notebooks? [NO]

Tom Ewer



I apologize in advance if this question has been asked and answered before, but I have searched and could not find it.

I am a freelance blogger, and some of my notebooks include post ideas for my clients' blogs. Many of my clients have specific editorial guidelines etc, and I would like to create notes that are stuck to the top of each notebook, containing those guidelines.

Is this possible? I currently sort my notes by date modified, which is very handy for me (so simply sorting alphabetically and putting an asterisk before my "sticky" note's name isn't an ideal solution).



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Welcome to the forums, Tom.

No, you can't do this. You seem to have figured out the primary hacks, though you don't want to use them. The only other ways you can come close is to use tags, though that will require at least one more click, or use the favorites bar if you're using Lion (I'm not, so I can't give you tips on that based on personal experience).

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Hi. Welcome to the forums!

There is no way to manually sort items (declare the sort order of each note yourself) short of tricking it (the exclamation point used for *****le sorts). However, there are workarounds and other features you may want to consider as solutions to the problem.


The favorites bar is quite nice, and works pretty much as it says :)


A saved search focused on that particular note (or set of notes -- a tag or random string of characters would work well here). I have a similar situation with guidelines / style sheets, and I use a search for these.


A note link going back to that one you want to have at the top. If you kept this at the bottom of notes related to each client (in a kind of template) then you could immediately go there without having to use the main interface.

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Yes, it's been requested and it's under consideration. Easy solution to isolating special notes is to tag them specially (or rename, or put then in a different notebook), and filtering accordingly, but of course you lose the non-special ones. Some Evernote clients will also let you pin specific notes to the top of favorites bar (as Peter says), or you can create note links to those special notes and stuff them all in a single note.

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Just to be clear, that should be "if" the feature is implemented, rather than "when". "Under consideration" isn't a promise that it'll be implemented. They may not do it, and even if they do, it may take a long time to roll out. I find it's better to deal with what's available in Evernote right now, rather than what might be.

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Are we any further with this? It would really make using the notebooks easier for public collaboration as you can pin the "rules & guidance" to the top of the notebook.

For 'we', the Evernote users, no. For 'we', the Evernote developers, we don't know. So evidently not. Why not have a special tag (e.g., 'FAQ') that you point people at when you share your notebooks?

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