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(Archived) Intent question


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Hello, I am using Tasker for Android, and i try to send an intent to evernote to show the notes for the proper query. I use your documentation for intents, but there is still a problem. Using tasker, i send action intent with the following properties:

action: com.evernote.action.SEARCH_NOTES

extra: SearchManager.QUERY: "tag:work"

But the tasker support told me i should use some SearchManager.Query value. Could you help me with that?

By the way, is there any chance it doesn't work because i have android 2.3?

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tasker support told me i should use some SearchManager.Query value

Hi - welcome to the Forums. Not sure this is a question anyone who's not a Tasker guru can answer for you. If you've contacted Tasker support, did they say whether "SearchManager.Query" is an Evernote or a Tasker command? It looks like part of the Tasker syntax from your post - so presumably they're saying you need to put in some Evernote-compatible detail here. "tag:work" would work (excuse the pun) in the Evernote search bar, so I don't see what else you could input. And I don't think your OS affects this - both Evernote and Tasker say they work in anything from 1.6 upwards.

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Hi - welcome to the Forums.


About SearchManager.QUERY - this is an Evernote command, i suppose.

Because i took it from sample code:

 String query = "tag:test";
Intent intent = new Intent();
intent.putExtra(SearchManager.QUERY, query);

Here is what tasker support told me:

You need to find out what the value of 'SearchManager.QUERY' is first. Replace 'SearchManager.QUERY' with whatever the

value of it is.

Contact the Evernote devs if unsure.

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OK - that's above my (unpaid) pay grade; the devs will be active in a few hours so maybe they'll comment, but I'd be doubtful that an external app can interface with Evernote using part of its API (if that's what this is..). Tasker looks awesome, though I don't know offhand what I'd use it for - any suggestions?

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About using part of evernote API - it was written in documentation for local api for developers.

Tasker is really helpful thing.

Well, i actually want tasker to remind me what needs to be done today (evernote notes list), when i unlock my phone at the start of the day. I also want to see my shopping list, when i pass by shop (it notifies me when i enter needed location)

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