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(Archived) java.io.ioexception on Gingerbread


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I've been an Evernote user for several years, I use it everyday in all my devices, it just work perfectly on Win7, Mac OSX Snow Leopard and iOs 6... but I can't get it to work properly on my LG Optimus Black with Android Ginerbread 2.3.4

Everytime I create a new note I get the java.io.ioexception error.

It's too annoying to get that error after I've already added tags, location, *****le, description, etc... My iPod doesn't have a camera, and I really need to add notes with pictures from my phone and from apps only for Android.

PS. I don't know if it's related, but I have also had to delete the whole Evernote folder (the app re-creates it by itself) because of "SQL Lite errors". That is an internal storage database system failure.

Any advice would be apreciated.

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