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(Archived) Bug? NoScript XSS warning

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Go to http://news.google.co.uk

In the text box enter 'evernote news'

Highlight the text you just entered

Click the Web Clipper icon in the browser toolbar

"NoScript filtered a potential cross-site scripting (XSS) attempt from [http]."

All domains involved are whitelisted.

I tested this on several urls.

As for why I would highlight text I had just entered - comments and feedback forms usually.

Firefox 3.0.2


Evernote Version 1.1.5 (36338)

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NoScript has known compatibility problems with Evernote. In particular, our little Javascript clipper looks like a "bad guy" to NoScript because we're taking content from your web page and then submitting it to another site. While this could theoretically be a bad thing, in your case it's doing exactly what you want to do.

We'd recommend seeing whether you can configure any exceptions for Javascript from our web site, etc.

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You can try this to fix the Noscript bug:

1. Disable *Automatic Secure Cookie Management*, clear your cookies (at least those for the site you're trying to enter) from Firefox's *Options|Privacy|Cookies* and retry logging in. It should just work.

2. If you've got a few minutes to investigate,

- check your *Tools|Error Console* output for lines starting with "*[NoScript HTTPS] AUTOMATIC SECURE on https://www.evernote.com*";

- open *NoScript Options|Advanced|HTTPS|Cookies* and add "*.evernote.com" (without the quotes) to the *Ignore unsafe cookies...* list;

- Close *NoScript Options* with "OK", clear your cookies (at least those for evernote.com) from Firefox's *Options|Privacy|Cookies*and try to log in.

If, for instance, you can't login on http://www.ebay.com, the problem can be fixed adding **.ebay.com* to *NoScript Options|Advanced|HTTPS|Cookies|Ignore unsafe cookies...* and possibly resetting your cookies. If the problem happens on http://twitter.com(notice there's no "www." there), you'll need to put *both* *twitter.com* and **.twitter.com* to match both the top domain and the subdomains.

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The thing is that if I want to use Evernote to catch this text then I need to add exceptions which moves away from the ease of use. I do recognise that this is a complex issue though and not easily solved.

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We've spent a few hours trying to detect NoScript so that we can give a more helpful warning to the user, but it appears that NoScript avoids any detection by the Javascript on a page.

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