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(Archived) Galaxt Tab 10.1 Search help


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Just wondered if I am missing something or if this feature is not yet available.

When I click the search function and choose a saved search it shows a popup window with the results. Is there anyway to have the main list show all the results instead having the popup window.

I guess what I am after is a filter for the main list when you are looking at all notes after applying the search. I have been using evernote for about a month now and don't know how I lived without it...and I just downloaded Meshin Recall hoping it will allow me to integrate appointments and reminders into evernote.

While I am asking questions, is there anyway to have evernote display the date and times in the notes or make a button that will allow you to tag the note with with a date/time everytime you make changes to it.

Thanks a ton,


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