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(Archived) Evernote won't open PDFs



I just updated Evernote to 3.1.2 from the App Store. After the update, won't open PDF files. Initially, I found that 'Send to Evernote' in the print dialog failed, but if I right click a PDF file and tell it to open with Evernote, that fails too. It seems to happen whether or not Evernote is already running. The application opens if it isn't running and in both cases, just ignores the file. I can manually make a new note and attach a PDF. That works, but it seriously cramps my workflow.

I couldn't find a similar issue in the forum, so any suggestions would be appreciated.



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It is happening to me as well. I updated Evernote on my Mac to 3.30 and now it won't open a pdf in Evernote.

Please, need some help as this is slowing me down. Trying to get my files in before it resets in 3 days.

Also, having sync issues pretty consistently now. Are they related?

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I'm having this exact issue because I upgraded to Version 3.3.0 (300201) and it's causing a ton of trouble.

When I right-click a pdf & try to open it in evernote, evernote pops up, but nothing else happens.

That's not a huge issue, but I think it's causing a related problem that is huge. Ever since I upgraded, when I scan a doc using SnapScan, the scanned file won't open up in evernote.

I went into my Mac's Time Machine and grabbed the older version of Evernote. That handled PDF docs just fine. So it seems this upgrade broke something.

Oh, I also uninstalled and reinstalled evernote, and it didn't fix it.

I also installed the latest version of evernote on another computer, and the pdf issue happened there too.

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