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(Archived) How do you get the newest version of the Android app to synch?


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I have just downloaded and installed the newest version of Evernote to my Android device, a MyTouch 3G Slide. It has always worked well until now. I typed in a new note a few hours ago on my laptop, synched it with the Web server. I expected to be able to read the info in that note an hour later at the bank. No luck. I cannot find anything in the new Evernote to force it to synch. When I push the menu button, no menu appears. I am frustrated. I brought the phone back to the office where I have reliable, superstrong WiFi, and turned Evernote on and off a few times, and it WILL NOT SYNCH.

What's going on? If it won't synch, what good is it?

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Hi, welcome to the Forums.

Try sliding the main notes screen to the right. You should get a grey toned screen with your user name in the top left. Check for a "synced..." message at the bottom of the screen. If you touch that, it should start a sync.

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To go along with gazumped's suggestion, you should check your sync settings on Android as well. After swiping your notes to the right to a reveal a grey toned screen...

1. Touch your username in the top-left corner.

2. Touch settings.

3. Touch sync notes.

4. Change any of these settings as you see fit!

Let us know if you still run into issues.

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