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(Archived) HELP: After editing in Android my Note is cut off


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I was editing in the new android version and it mentioned something about some part of the format of the note (large text only note, that I have used daily forever) was not supported. Ok, thanks for sharing, what does that mean. It sounded like it was an FYI, maybe it should have read, "Hey cancel out now, I'm about to delete 90% of this really important note!" So, I happily inserted three words and closed it out. This morning the note is just the top 10% of the original note. l'm not a premium user, so am I just out of luck?


Bummed :mellow:

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Hiya - sorry to hear about the problem. Evernote sounds like it was trying to say that some part of the note's formatting wasn't supported by Android - possibly some html snippet that got pasted in there. Once you opened the note, Android couldn't 'read' it properly so when you saved the changed portion, you only got that bit that Android did understand, which unfortunately wasn't a lot. Your note history is still in there, and if it is an important note you might want to consider going Premium for a month so you can restore the previous version...

Worth remembering that making new notes is often safer than opening an existing large document, especially if the contents are valuable. All you need is a separate notebook or a common heading or tag to keep a bunch of smaller notes together and available.

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