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(Archived) BUG: Nested ordered lists do not number correctly



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That's probably the sort of note that a dev would want to see, at a guess. I'd open a support request, and be prepared to submit a copy of the note as exported to ENEX.

See attached screenshot.

Hi. Welcome to the forums! Thanks for reporting this. It's always good to see users contributing to improve the app.

I bet the developers know about it already (it is easily reproducible by making a few numbers and then sticking in a bullet point). Hopefully, this will give them extra encouragement to work on the solution! I call our bug reports here on the forums encouragement, but I imagine they have more colorful terminology :)

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Just to add a +1 to this topic, I also have issues with numbered lists incorrectly jumping numbers but it is occurring with nested numbered lists, not nested bullets

To clarify... we're all talking about the same thing - numbered lists have the problem, bulleted lists are fine.

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