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(Archived) BUG: Wrong character encoding for note links

Przemysław Horban



Apparently Evernote.app sets an incorrect character encoding when is places a 'Note -> Copy Note Link' link in the clipboard.


After pasting a link to a note that used national characters in it's title, blue underlined note name (how the link presents) is garbled. I.e.:

If note was titled: Ładna notatka

Link in TextEdit.app is displayed as

Åadna notatka

Steps to reproduce:

1. Create new note tiled "ąćżź note" (or probably any other international character)

2. Sync and Copy Note Link

3. Paste link in to an TextEdit.app window

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Hi! Welcome to the forums.

I have had no problem with Asian character sets in the past. I will follow your steps to confirm. This might be a more language-specific problem.What version of EN are tou running? Do you see the same thing happen on the Windows client?

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My system is english, but I also use Polish language. In particular, it would be worth if someone else tried to set the keyboard in OS X international preferences to Polish PRO and then used keys <Opt-A> (ą) or <Opt-C> (ć) in the Note title.

I didn't test the windows client.

I haven't tested the Polish Pro settings yet, but Asian characters work fine, so it looks like the character encoding problem is probably limited to certain languages, maybe even just Polish. Please consider starting a support ticket (see my signature below) to alert the Evernote staff about the problem!

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