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The Paperless Office - a Webinar by ScanSnap


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ScanSnap will have a free Webinar on The Paperless Office (Friday June 15 at 11am EDT)

A free 30-minute webinar, “The Paperless Office: How to make it a reality in your practice,” to get answers to your “going paperless” questions to get you started. Even if you’re already in the process of going paperless, have a document management system in place, or have already started to scan all your documents – this discussion is for you.

If you miss it, you can catch a repeat of the webinar on Friday June 22nd at 3pm EDT.

Details and Registration here:


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Just finished watching the webinar.

The case study was a mid-size legal office.

One key point - Keep the $300/hour billable attorneys out of the mail room! Let the trained clerks handle the incoming mail.

Here are some Interesting devices to help the mail-room:

- jogging machine to vibrate papers to the bottom of the envelopes. Avoids cutting important documents during the envelope opening process.

- instead of using staple remover, use an edge cutter to cut off the corner. The scanning software will recreate the nicked corner electronically.

- antistatic jogging machine to blow air between sheets to remove static build up before scanning

- OCR everything, but let the software do it after the scanning.

Image everything as it arrives.

Bar code everything, except original documents (certificates and such)

Use a document management system (like WoldDox) to store all the documents.

The users never worry about what folder the documents are stored in. The DMS finds it for you.

The DMS covers everything, even when creating a new word document or spreadsheet.

Search is similar to Evernote's search.

Gradually eliminate the printers in the office.

Training is critical for proper paperless management.

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Unfortunately I am new to EN and the forums and missed the webinar, sounds like it would have been great to see. Seem like some great points. What you referring to with "bar code everything"?



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The webinar was more for advanced office users. It was an interesting learning experience. Here is a description of how Symphony and Worldox work together.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The basic process for paper documents is they need to be scanned, profiled to Worldox and OCRed so they are text searchable. Symphony Suite provides a workflow to process these documents accurately and faster, while the OCR is performed in the background.

Let’s review how Symphony Suite works:

Step 1. The incoming documents go to the attorney, paralegal, or secretary, who knows how the document should be profiled. She clicks on the Symphony shortcut, fills out a Worldox profile and enters a reservation number which is linked to a barcode separator page. She places the barcode page on top of the document, and goes on to the next.

Step 2. The scanner operator picks up the stack of documents, places them in the scanner, and scans to the Profiler folder. One batch – one button.

Step 3. The Profiler software reads through the documents in the folder, matches their reservation number to their profile and saves them to Worldox.

Step 4. Symphony OCR monitors for new documents and places them in the OCR queue.

Symphony also takes care of Legacy documents, and image or PDF documents that come from other sources (Email attachments, E-fax, CD). All document locations known to Worldox are scanned for documents that need to be OCRed, which are then placed in the OCR queue.

Two other noteworthy features are Layout Correction and Content Preservation. If the document has been scanned upside down or is landscape when it should be portrait, it will automatically be corrected during the OCR process. The OCR engine used is rated as 99.99% accurate, and will not impact, deface, or change the original document in any way.

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