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(Archived) REQUEST: Trunk apps sortable by date added and platform

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Every couple of weeks I scan the trunk for new additions that would be useful. I probably miss stuff with some frequency. Alphabetic ordering is great if you are searching for a specific app, but the option to sort by date added would be really useful. It's difficult to notice if something has been add in the middle of the "Mobile section". There are featured apps, but they rarely change.

This has been mentioned before, but I'll repeat it. If the platform was indicated on the main page, it would reduce the incidence of jumping to the specific app page, just to find that it is off no use to you.



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+1 here - had cause to look at the Trunk again recently; that's the second time this year. It's faster to do general searches than try to scan through for something useful that might suit my platforms. "New to the Trunk" - also sorted by client - might be a good view too.

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