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(Archived) HELP: Why is internet connection required to see Evernote?



Not sure if this is similar to the problems people are seeing on iOS - but....

My internet connection was down this morning and at the same time evernote crashed. When I tried to fire it up again it went onto a login screen requiring my username and password, and when I filled them in it tried to connect to the internet, couldn't, and wouldn't let me access my notes. Once internet was back up later in the day accessing the notes (which were always on the hard drive of my mac) was fine.

Surely this is a bug rather than a feature?

Running OS Lion and the latest version of evernote.

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Hi. I am afraid I haven't been following the discussions closely, but this was apparently an issue in one of the releases.

I believe it has been resolved with the beta, so if you upgrade to it, then you will have an easy solution to the problem. The beta is stable and quite nice (as they all have been for me), but please backup your data before trying it just in case. If you are not willing to upgrade, then please search the forums. I think a discussion about the issue is floating around here somewhere. Good luck!

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