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(Archived) REQUEST: Assign a due date to each to-do item

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I would like to request a feature to assign due dates to each to-do (checklist) item and also to each note, just like in Google Tasks. I would also like these due dates to plugin to google calendar. In my opinion, this is the only feature that I think is lacking in evernote - the ability to assign due dates and have it integrate with my google calendar. Thanks!

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Don't think that that's going to happen any time soon (we are still waiting on the promised note due date field), but good luck anyways.

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I created a Google App Script a few months back that allows you to send notes from Evernote (any client iOS, Android, Windows, OS X) to your Google Calendar. Its open source so there's nothing to pay for or subscribe to.  Completely free.  I explain how you set it up here www.mydevbox.com/add-evernote-gtd-tasks-to-google-calendar-for-easy-reminders


It doesn't handle tasks with due dates but that is in interesting idea. I believe that would be something easily accomplished with the GAS integration.

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