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(Archived) Solution - Browser Page Clipping with full content


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Often we'd like to save the full content of a webpage, rather than just the link.

Dolphin offered a plugin to do this, but it is text only ... not even tables are reproduces.

So far the best solution I have foumd is

1. Install the urltopdf (free)

2. When in browser, share the webpages with urltopdf, which then gives to two options

a) view

B) send

I choose "send" to send it to Evernote.

Things I enjoy about this is that the pdf documents are small, in the 200 ~ 900 kb range.

It is a verbatim copy, including graphics and tables.

The urltopdf has *some* aspects of Evernote Clearly in that extraneous side columns are excluded, but not always.

I tend to view articles with Tap.tu which is where I do a lot of STE (send-to-evernote)

On a final note .. to the EverNote developers ... thankyou for the amazing work you guys are doing.

LifeChanging stuff and I mean this sincerely, in a world where speed of information determines your value in the workplace, Evernote is more than an app ... it is life- integration.

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