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(Archived) Call for beta testers for EverTranslate notes translation service

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I've launched an EverTranslate service in beta mode today and need your help to test it. The service allows to translate your notes to different languages.

To use it, simply register at http://evertranslate.appspot.com, link your EverNote account to the service and tag your notes with "translateToLanguage" tags. In a moment you should see new note nearby with translated content.

Actually after registration, you don't need anything but your favorite EverNote client. Tag your notes, that's all You can still use the site to check you limit.

Since I am using a payed translation service to perform translation, each user gets 1000 chars to translate for free per month.

Note that service can translate HTML notes, but HTML marked counts for the limit.

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Have you not had any testers reply? I don't know exactly what I could do to help, as I really have no "need" to translate... However, I am trying to learn another language (Spanish) and maybe I could help out by trying some things from English to Spanish -- or vice-versa?

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Not much :)

But I will be happy if my service can be usefull for your learning. The best thing is that you don't need any special client to use the program. You register on the site and then simply use your favorite EverNote client adding "translateToSpanish" or "translateToEnglish tags".

BTW: I am taking part in EverNote DevCup, here is my submission.

Vote for it if you like the program:http://devcup.evernote.com/submissions/8574-evertranslate

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