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(Archived) Evernote logout

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Logging out of Evernote on the Iphone is buggy.

The first time I clicked logout I went back to the IPhone homepage. I then went back into Evernote to ensure it had logged out, but it hadn't! So I clicked logout again and and repeated. This time Evernote had logged out, but the login screen still had my password in the password field! Blanking the password and going back to the Iphone homepage didn't remove the password either. The only way to remove the password was to enter in a false password and attempt a login. This would mean that when you select Evernote from the Iphone homepage there is a password in the password field, but at least it isn't MY password.

This is buggy, and Evernote Windows suffered from logout/login issues several versions ago.

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Thanks for the report about this problem. We discovered an issue in the latest iPhone application that wasn't always successful at saving the logout when you quit the app. This will be fixed in the next release.

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