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(Archived) HELP: All notebooks and notes are gone



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Welcome to the forums, holly. We need a lot more information than that to be able to help you at all. Also, this is serious enough that you're probably safest just opening a support ticket if you haven't yet, since Evernote staff are the professionals.

First, turn syncing on your Mac client to manual, and check the web account (sign in at evernote.com). Are your notes still there?

Other questions:

  • Have you upgraded recently?
  • Have you done anything else you think could possibly have caused this?
  • What OS version are you using?
  • What Evernote version are you using?

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Hi All,

I logged into my account yesterday and all Notebooks and Notes are gone. Trying not to freak out but... any help would be most welcome.


Hi Holly. Welcome to the forums! Definitely do what Peter said. In addition, you can search woth Spotlight (I prefer HoudahSpot) for your notes to confirm their continued existence and set your mind at ease.

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Thanks for the suggestions. It looks like my responses didn't post from email.

I upgraded a while back to the most recent version but have used program successfully many times since.

Am running Mac OS X 10.6.8 and Evernote Version 3.1.1 (248775).

Can't think of anything I would have done to cause it.

The notes and notebooks are all on the web version. I have restarted my computer and logged back into Evernote but the client version is still blank.


Thank you in advance....

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