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(Archived) HOWTO: Share a notebook with others so they can edit my notes?

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Hi elizabeth, welcome to the forum :)

The method of sharing a notebook is dependent on which client you are using.

Which client are you using?

Also, to enable other users to edit notes in your notebook, you need a Premium Account.

Some general information on sharing:


Some info on sharing notes/notebooks in the Desktop clients:



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Hi I have a notebook that I shared with another user. Both had the free version. And as I wanted the other person to be able to edit the notebook I shared, I bought premium for both users. Editing still not working in the software - only in the web version.

Then the other person makes a new notebook today and shares it with me. Also with the status "editable for other users".

Magically this happens: I can not delete notes, but I can add new ones AND edit existing notes. Everything working perfect!

Is this because the first notebook was created as free user?

I don't want to copy the notebooks and make new ones because that will unnecessarily eat of my upload limit.

Need help with this!

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Hi Vegardevernote,

When you changed to a premium account, did you make any change to the shared notebook permissions?

Or are they still the same?

If you haven't changed it, then you will need to do so.

Click on the "shared" tab -> "Manage Sharing" -> Find your notebook -> Change the permission for the other person to allow edits.

As far as I know, you cannot delete notes in the desktop clients, only the Web, if you are not the owner of the notebook.


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You could try unsharing the notebook and then starting the share again.

In the same menu - remove the user - sync and confirm that the notebook is private again - then attempt to share the notebook again with the user.

(I would suggest getting them to sync once you remove them, so that the change is also reflected on their account as well, before sharing it again)

This should hopefully reset the share and allow the user to edit.

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