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Getting an error: "This note was created in another application"


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Hi there,

I'm new to Evernote. I just recently imported my notes from SimpleNote, then spent 2 hours organizing and tagging my notes... it wasn't until I was finished and wanted to edit one of the notes that I got the following message:


"This note was created in another application. To edit this note, open it in the app where it was created."

How do I make these notes editable?? It seems silly to have imported them and not be able to do what I want with them, and to have to continue using Simplenote to edit these!




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How did you import your notes? If they show up as attachments in a note (IE an icon), then yes, you need a third party app to edit the file. That's how EN handles files like Word documents, Excel, images, audio & video files.

If you copied/pasted text into the notes, you should have no problem editing the notes.

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I'm not familiar with that service, but it sounds like they're setting the note's contentClass attribute. As described at the link below, this will effectively make the note read-only since the Windows client only has native support for two content classes (Evernote Food and Evernote Hello):


You should probably contact the developer to see if this is intentional.

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Shoot. I wouldn't have used that service if I had known.

I don't think the developer is actually maintaining that service, so I don't think it's useful to contact him.

Do you know of any way to change the flag/attribute after the fact? I reeeeeally don't want to have to redo all this manually...

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If the issue is contentClass, you can change it in the enml. You could export, open it in a text editor and then re-import, but that is a bit manual as well

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I actually used this service:


There's no icon or anything like that. The only thing that's out of the ordinary is that the window where my text is is BLUE!!

I'm the author of Simple-for-Ever and still maintaining this project - I still use it myself. I found this thread by accident and would like to clarify the issue.

The goal behind Simple-for-Ever is to be able to use both Simplenote and Evernote at the same time (because editing in plaintext can be useful). To be able to continously sync changes from Simplenote and Evernote, we need to set the Evernote note to read-only. Otherwise, you'd edit a note in Evernote and this change is lost once you use Simple-for-Ever again. (There will b e a two-way-sync in a future premium version).

I clarified this issue on the webpage.

dlu is right, you could export, edit in a text editor and re-import. You'd need to delete the following text:


If you only want to export your notes from Simplenote, you may use http://simplenote-export.appspot.com/ (Note that I have not used this service myself)

As stated on the site, you can contact me at mail@simpleforever.net for any other question, I usually reply within 1-3 days.

Hope this helps


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I am now also getting this error on my Bussisnescard import using the Evernote scansnap Edition. I did the solution of dlu removed the content-class from the exported Notes xml file. Reimported them but I still get the errormessage.


Anybody know how to kill the "This note was created in another application" errormessage?

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