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(Archived) changing password ad cache data on android


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hello I'm Andrea,

I changed my evernote web password. All ok with windows version synch but with android device I have a little problem.

No possible to find password change option on android version so it's necessary to exit from evernote account and re-enter with the new password.

The problem is that this operation lost new notes on the android device not sincronized yet!

Can I update the password on android device without losing data?

Very thanks,


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Hi Andrea,

When you change the password for your Evernote account on the website, this change will propogate to the other clients too.

When running EN for the first time after changing your password and syncing, you should see an "Authentication Failed" message.

Tapping on this, allows you to provide your new password to Evernote, to sign in.

This is what I see:


Note: When checking that the password changed for EN, make sure to completely exit EN, since it appears to cache your login.

I would also recommend ensuring that all clients are synced before changing passwords, to prevent potential data loss like you describe :)


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  • 5 weeks later...

I have the same problem ...I changed password for EN on my computer and now phone wont sync. So, I tried the above "fix" but nothing happens when I touch the "last sync failed" message unless I touch the circled arrows and in that case it tries to sync again, with the same result.

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  • 5 months later...

Sync on android phone stopped working after changing password in EN desktop. Error message: "Last sync failed at 10 Dec + exact time". No "authentication failed" message, as I get immediately into EN application, so no opportunity to sign in with new password. Looking in Android settings but no clue how to make credentials identical with desktop EN version. Any HELP to reset password for android version equal to desktop version greatly appreciated!

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  • 2 months later...

If I sign out I will loose my not synced data on my Android it says and I have such data. Why not a change password options in settings? Rather many have problems with this it seems. I don't want to loose my data.


Any HELP to reset password for android version equal to desktop version greatly appreciated!

Sign out of your Android app, then start Evernote again -- it should prompt you to sign in again.
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  • 2 weeks later...

Anyone find an answer to this?


I keep being told my password has expired, and that I need to reset.

I reset on the web, all fine online, but Android does not give me any option to enter the new password, it keeps telling me the password is expired, and I need to change.


Why on earth should I have to sign out, and have to re-sync all my offline data just because the frigging password changed!!!


This is so fundamental and SO annoying.  Wondering why I am a premium user right now....

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