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(Archived) Widget New Note Button sends to Different Notebook.


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I have a widget where I am viewing notes within a specific Notebook. "Notebook 2". When I click the new note button, the note goes into the default notebook for my account. "Notebook 1".

I would like to know if its possible to:

  • Tell the widge to put all notes created from the new note button on that widge into a specific notebook.


  • Create a new note shortcut that only adds that note to the notebook I choose.

I dont want to change the default notebook as I dont want ALL notes going into "Notebook 2" rather only the ones I choose via the widget/shortcut button i create.


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Once you have created your note, check the menu options. You can move it to a new notebook. In the current version of the Android client however you can't specify which notebook the note will be created into unless you change the default notebook.

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