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(Archived) HELP [Chrome]: Clipper not working


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Since the new clipper was released, I cannot clip selections. Once it makes the selection, the page turns black or the print becomes very large and inverted. Either way, the text is unreadable. I have deleted he clipper twice and reinstalled and deleted all cookies related to Evernote. The clipper worked once this morning after I deleted and reinstalled but when I tried to clip again, the selection went black.

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Mac OS X 10.7.4, Chrome Version 19.0.1084.53. It has occurred on multiple URL's but here is one for the NY Times that the text appeared oversized and inverted. The second time I tried to clip it, the screen went black. The clipper is set to save the article but I have tried to change it to save the page with the same effect. Thanks for your help.


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