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(Archived) QUESTION: Why aren't my PDFs searchable?



Hey everyone.

I've had EN Prem. since March this year, and seeing as I don't really use it much, I haven't really bothered following up the reason why none of my PDFs are serachable (although right-clicking them does present the option "Save As Searchable PDF"). I think the fact that the attachment status says that they are yet to be indexed has something to do with it. I couldn't find a solution on the web, and I'd rather ask here than contact support staff, TBH.

Note that most of my scans have been done through ScanDrop, but I doubt that affects the structure of the PDF files.

Best regards


On OS X 10.7, EN 3.1.0


I'll add that scanned images (through Mac Image Capture) that are shown as indexed are perfectly searchable.

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Did you upload them in March, or more recently? I've had to wait a couple of weeks for some PDFs to be OCRed, since there's a backup in the queue (meaning that if you put a PDF in Evernote, say, this weekend or even last week, it's not surprising that it's not OCRed yet).

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Sorry to bump this, but it seems the question was never answered.

I've noticed that PDF attachments are searchable, but if I open the PDF attachment in Acrobat locally, it doesn't appear to be OCR'ed. So I can search, but I can't highlight or copy and paste text. I'm using Evernote premier. Is this intentional, or am I missing something?

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