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(Archived) QUESTION about shared notebook limitations

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I have just started to use evernote premium in my organization and I've noticed some limitations...I am not sure if there are some limitations, or I am just not able to find a solution:

I'am sharing some notebooks, and:

- my people are able to create new notes in shared notebooks, but are not able to delete it via Windows client (it is possible via web access)

- They are not able to move the note from one notebook to the other (copying is possible)

- they are not able to add a new (completely new) tag in the shared notebook

I am just wonder if there is any possibility to give the full permission for edit notes in my notebook or even stack of notebooks?

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The short answer to your query is "No". The current version of Evernote is primarily a personal tool and not designed for collaboration. Evernote is said to be developing an Enterprise version that will include enhanced collaboration, but so far we have no details, confirmation or release date.

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