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(Archived) Package file is invalid 4.0.3 from Play


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I am trying to update my evernote from 4.0.2 to 4.0.3 but i keep getting this error "Package file is invalid".

i have tried

downloading through wifi and 3g

Clearing cache

deleting the evernote folder using root explorer

performing a hard reset on my phone

version 4.0.2 downloads fine when performing a restore through google but update to 4.0.3 fails.

I am using a galaxy s3, ics 4.0.4 rooted.

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I'm experiencing the same issue too with the latest update of Evernote. I've tried uninstalling Evernote, clearing all data and cache on Google Play to no avail.

On Samsung Galaxy s2, ICS 4.0.3, no modifications (e.g. unrooted)

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I am having the same problem too. I am using Samsung Galaxy Tab. As I am unable to update, I tried uninstalling Evernote. Now I can't even install it back. Please rectify it soon.

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I have thr same error too. "Package file Is invalid"

I use evernote all e time and im cant install it on my new samsung galaxy s3 on ics 4.04. Everything about the fone is unmodded please solve this issue asap.

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those having problems with "Package file invalid" for version 4.0.3 i have found a temporary solution.

Get the 4.0.2 apk off the web and install works perfectly! whatever you do DO NOT ever attempt to update to the crappy 4.0.3 wait for the next release

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Also please try the below steps, as customers have reported that this rectified the issue for them also.

1. Make sure Android Automatic Restore is turned off (Settings -> Privacy)

2. Go to “Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications

3. Tap to show “All” Applications

4. Scroll down to the Market App and tap it

5. Tap “Clear Cache” and “Clear Data”

6. Click “Uninstall Updates”

7.Exit everything and reboot your device

8. Your Error should now be fixed

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@Phil Dean: The 'uninstall market' method didn't work. After rebooting I went back to the market, and still got the Package Invalid error again.

What worked for me though, was going onto the Web to manually download the Evernote 4.0.3 apk. It worked! :)

Galaxy s2

Android ICS 4.0.3

Unmodded unrooted un-everything.

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