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(Archived) QUESTION: What is Impact of Apple Mac Sandboxing on EN Mac?



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On Friday, June 1, 2012, Apple started enforcing the Sandboxing requirement on all new and significantly updated apps submitted to the Apple Mac App Store. What is the impact of this on EN Mac?

Here are a couple of articles that explain/address Sandboxing:

Developers (like Evernote) will now have to make a choice of selling their apps direct (via their own web site) or through the Apple Mac Store.

Quote from the first article:

Here are some reasons why it’s preferable to buy non-sandboxed apps directly from developers:

• Better App User Experience: Non-sandboxed apps can auto-navigate the user to correct folders in Open/Save panels, send Growl notifications and install PDF Services automatically.

• More features: Non-sandboxed BBEdit can directly edit files that require administrator privileges, non-sandboxed OmniFocus can automatically determine the selected document in the Finder when creating a clipping. There’s lots more.

• Better Data Integrity: Document-based Core Data apps are incompatible with Sandboxing. One work-around is to disable disk-based journaling, increasing the risk of data corruption. It appears sandboxed Core Data Mac apps will need to switch to packages for a long-term solution, changing file formats for no good reason (and packages are less convenient for data sharing than flat files).

• More and Faster Updates: Different developers follow different update schedules, but typically direct apps get updated more often and with less latency than Mac App Store apps. Some developers intentionally throttle down their direct update schedule to match Apple’s delays and avoid customer confusion, but that’s the developer’s decision.

• Less Risk of Losing Your Software Investments: I bought Divvy via the Mac App Store. Unfortunately Divvy relies on Apple’s Accessibility APIs, which aren’t allowed for sandboxed apps. That means aside from minor bug fixes, I will no longer receive updates for the application I purchased.

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I was just reading that article over at Macworld and I'm having the same questions. I'd much rather prefer to purchase direct from the developer. It's a PITA in a business setting to install EN on multiple systems if there's not a company AppStore account. Please add the choice of direct download, too.

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