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(Archived) Lack of information about web clipper minimum requirements


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If the web clipper had to be rewritten for Safari 5.1, there are two (kind of) usability or information design issues:

1. a minimum requirement for Safari version 5.1 needs to be clear before any download, let alone permitting it to be installed (and failing) on Safari < 5.1

2. there are several posts about it failing on Safari 5.0.6, but with the assertion that these users should upgrade, yet Safari 5.1 won't install on OS X 10.5.8, which many users still have, and - worse - the previous version of the web clipper that *did* work on older Safari is no longer available.

I suggest:

1. make it clear on the download link that Safari 5.1 is required, and prevent installation if attempted;

2. make the previous version available for those with older versions of Safari.

These two points are fairly common for other installs, so I'm a little disappointed that Evernote doesn't adopt the same practice - especially for what is such a popular and otherwise excellent service.

Update: strangely, I just used the 'remember' link at the bottom left of this forum post to 'web clip' the page to evernote?? It's unformatted (no CSS) but has been added - is this the same functionality?

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