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BUG: 'You're offline' errors when trying to sync



Over the last few days Evernote is not syncing correctly for me. When I open the app on my iPad I don't see my newest notes and notes that have been most recently updated are not showing up where they should.

And now when I try to do a sync on Evernote on my MacBook Pro, I get this error continually:

You're Offline. You need to connect to the internet to synchronize with the Evernote service.

This is while the MacBook Pro is connected via WiFi, 20+ tabs are open in Chrome and working fine, the Mail app is sending and receiving, the WiFi connection is at full strength - basically, connectivity is fine and more than fine. If I quit Evernote and re-open it the issue corrects itself - but then comes back after a few hours or a day or so.

It seems to occur when the MacBook Pro has been in sleep mode for a while (overnight or similar) and is then back in action.

Any suggestions on how to stop this from occurring?


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Same problem, Macbook Air. After waking up from sleep, it pretends there's no internet. Very annoying. 

I spoke with support about this, and they requested that I basically re-install it to fix the problem. I was a bit hesitant about that, but did it, and it's been working ever since... So you might want to give that a try. Make sure your notes are fully synchronized, then just drag it to the trash, and go back to the app store and do the install again... Hope this works for you too. :)

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I've been having this issue for the last few months. The only way I can seem to resolve it is to exit Evernote and then restart it. There must be a better fix for that. Evernote? (BTW, right now, Evernote is telling me I need to connect to the Internet to sync... I'm clearly connected, since I'm replying to this post. Please help.

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I am getting this error often on my iMac and it is very frustrating because it happens quite randomly and you can never be sure if your notes vreated on the MAC are available to you on your mobile device later.  Any fix will help. I have Mavericks OS


I raised a ticket and had a lot of support. I'm pleased to say that my system is now working as normal. I've no idea what caused it. If it is still giving you trouble I suggest you raise a support ticket and get help from Evernote.

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I am getting this error often on my iMac and it is very frustrating because it happens quite randomly and you can never be sure if your notes vreated on the MAC are available to you on your mobile device later.  Any fix will help. I have Mavericks OS

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LukeB - It happens to me routinely at work when I'm on the same network all day. Although my computer may 'lock' which could disable & reenable internet so you may be right in that regard.

jelpern - yeah, that's seems to be the only solution. The problem is that I am used to automatic syncing so I'll go in to a meeting with my iPad and realize that Evernote didn't sync because my desktop app thinks its offline. That's much worse than the annoyance of just restarting, since I'm stuck without the notes I need.

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I can give more information on one source of this error. The scenario is that Evernote is opened on my Macbook Pro (Mountain Lion) when I put it to sleep at home. Then I bring it to a coffee shop, where I have to type a code in to access the internet. With Windows machines, I just have to try navigating somewhere and I will get redirected to the coffee shop's (Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf) passcode entry page. With OSX and Chrome, I get a pop-up once the wireless connection is established. I can investigate the redirection mechanism if necessary. Anyway, once the connection is established (and I can access arbitrary websites), I try to sync Evernote and I get the "You're offline" message box.

What I am guessing is that Evernote has some kind of hook into the "network connectivity changed event" (e.g. http://tech.inhelsinki.nl/locationchanger/), and tries to connect to the Evernote servers immediately upon establishing of the coffee shop wifi connection. The problem, of course, is that this will not work, as the passcode has not been entered. There may not be an event that tells you once the passcode has been entered (I could look for one; the above launchd script resulted in three events with the same SSID, each separated by 10s). Anyhow, the solution would seem to be to force a re-test of the connection when the sync button is pressed. That's actually a bit ugly as you'd want the software to seamlessly work when in coffee shops, for example.

Note that hotels and some AT&T access points also have the same workflow: the user tries to access a website, is redirected to a login/passcode page, and has to complete that before continuing. Boston Logan International Airport had that sort of thing for a while; I'm not sure if it still does, or if wifi is now free.

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I'm having the same exact problem and have been for a couple months.

Macbook air 11", the latest updates to OSX and apps are always applied as they come available

I have a problem with a latest gen iMac where it just doesn't automatically sync but at least it will sync if you manually force it.

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