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(Archived) Android checkboxes


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I've got to tell you: I really like Evernote. There are so many things and features that just work so great.

But the text editors, both android and windows, are driving me up the walls, and I'm so close to completely giving up on evernote just because of this. I've already given up on all formatting: underlines, bullet lists, numbered lists, bold ... because I know it's going to ***** up the editor on either windows, android or both. So all my notes are simple text notes. But now there is this issue with checkboxes:

I use evernote for catching notes during meetings. I need to be able to pick up a to-do item during a meeting. I thought the checkbox feature is great for that. I can check and un-check, and I can even search through my notes for todo:false after the meetings, to find all the stuff from different notes that I need to do.

But as soon as I add a few checkboxes to my SIMPLE text notes on android, the formatting screws up. And sometimes I can not even to scroll through the note, just because of this (the cursor disappears).

When I'm at a meeting, I need to be able to focus on what's being said, and not on figthing the bugs in the editor I use. This is completely no-go for me.

So I want to give up on checkboxes and use my own notation for a to-do item, so that I can still search for open to-dos after meetings, using the search feature in evernote. I need something to stand out in my simple text notes, so I choose a simple notation like [ ] for an open to-do,and [x] for a done to-do. The android and windows editors can actually handle this without bugs... (sorry, sarcasm, I know...)

So I try to search through my notes for "[ ]" to find my open to-dos from meeting notes, but the search functions strips my search text from special characters. So this search does not work, and I'm stuck. I can not use the checkboxes, and I can not use my own homegrown notation. I can actually not capture to-do items during meetings and find them again afterwards in a way that works all the way. I know I can do this using catch.com and using google drive and other tools (I've tested it), and probably many other tools. But evernote is my favourite tool and I don't want to leave.

Please help me out here. Please focus on getting the basic stuff to work, before focusing on extra features.


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