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(Archived) Request: Skitch for iPhone/iPod


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Even if it were stripped-down a bit compared to the iPad version.

Here's why:

I have frequently had a problem with losing the shopping list in the middle of running errands.

Taking only a picture of it to the store solves this problem.

I really wish I could check off or cross out items on this list, though....

* photograph the family's shopping list

* Share the shopping list with other family members

* "cross off" items as they are purchased.

Thanks for considering my suggestion.

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I tried Egretlist for a while, and it worked for a while, but I would definitely not recommend starting to use it. I found that over time, the syncing would get buggy and I would wind up having to clear and completely re-sync Egretslist with Evernote. On top of that, it seems like the developer dropped off the face of the other. Last I checked, there weren't any updates in more than a year (probably more by now) and I was never able to get in touch with the developer. In an attempt to be pro-active, I reached out to Evernote after I saw Egretlist listed in the trunk to see if they had any alternate way to get in touch with Egretlist. While I realize they may not be aware of everything going on with outside developers, I got the impression they weren't able to connect with the developer either.

Not knowing what platform/device you use, I do have to say that Evernote has made great strides in adding and improving the checklist functionality in iOS. Have you tried using that within the native Evernote app?

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Often, I take a photo of the handwritten shopping list posted on the side of the fridge.

Being able to cross out items ON THE IMAGE would be convenient.

Maybe IDoodle2 or some other non-synching app would do the job for me.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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